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Having an offbeat wedding means celebrating love in a more personal way while stepping away from traditional wedding culture. The day began at Verdanza Hotel capturing the bride’s details and I instantly loved her theme judging by her accessories. As we left for the ceremony, I met with a very excited groom and familiar faces (previous clients) as part of the bridal party. Desiree & Ricardo’s ceremony, held amidst green foliage at Fundación Luis Muñoz Marin, was one of the happiest I’ve witnessed. I adored their decor which had a whimsical feel with pink paper flowers and white/black stripes. The reception began as the newlyweds dedicated sweet words to each other and after the toast, danced to a mix of different songs. I found it amazingly cute that part of their first dance included the bridal party kids join them for the “Nae Nae” song. During the rest of the evening, D&R danced with their guests like there was no tomorrow, it was a super fun wedding!

Vendors List
Wedding dress: Lunss Bridal Design
Make up & hair: Keyla Quiñones
Venue (Getting ready): Hotel Verdanza
Venue (Ceremony-Reception): Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín
Decor: Glow Events
Wedding planner: Evelyn Aulí

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boda-fundacion-luis-munoz-marin 3Bride at Hotel Verdanza

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